City-breaks, beach ceremonies and dramatic scenery.

Thinking about Eloping in Europe ? There are many options for an Elopement wedding in Europe. Here's a few tips to help you decide where to have your destination wedding.

Looking for dramatic landscape ?
Iceland, Scotland, Switzerland and Ireland are well known for this. The sun isn't always shining these countries but this won't matter to you if you are looking for moody styled photography.

Looking to elope on a beach ? 
Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Greece or Cyprus is ideal for a romantic, intimate ceremony on the sand - the sound of the waves crashing on the shore will make you feel like you are dreaming !

Or maybe a City Break Elopement is more your thing ?
Florence, Venice, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Berlin, Prague are to name just a few popular cities to choose from for your elopement journey.