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I’m Kate, a wedding, elopement and couple photographer based in Galway, Ireland.

I love visual storytelling – it’s as simple as that!

I have a huge passion for photographing couples and capturing their love for each other!

I believe capturing memories is part of my DNA, this awesome form of creativity was born in me many many years ago and it keeps on growing.

To me, capturing beautiful imagery isn’t enough. I aim to tell stories that resonate. I am driven by authentic humans, their stories and the love they have for each other. Every couple has a story, a tale they want to capture for themselves or for future generations.

I want to dig deeper, I want to be creative with you in order to capture your relationship and personalities and create images that you will look back on for the rest of your lives.

If you’re down for adventuring and going down the path less traveled, if you’re okay with wind blown hair and getting your dress a little dirty, kissing in the rain, and running through fields with your love, I’m sure we will become the best of friends in no time!

I’m here to capture all of your silly moments and laughs, as well as the sweet & intimate moments.

I will be delighted to go on an adventure with you. 

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