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I want to help you create and experience your best wedding day, free from stress and anxiety. A day that is only about you, where you can be yourselves and feel safe. A day where no one will EVER judge you based on your choices! A day filled with laughter, love and chocolate (who can ever say no to chocolate?!).

I want to share amazing places I’ve found with you! I want to be free and experience our incredible world, in all its glory and see beauty in the small things. I believe that you do too!



I am Sweden’s first 100% elopement photographer! I try not taking life too seriously and make sure seizing every opportunity I get for laugh and experiences! My hair is always a mess and my partner loves to tickle me until I scream! We often go fishing together and he loves laughing at me when I’m panicking over the big fish that currently is trying to eat me… My two biggest vices in life are popcorn and cookies. And perhaps cats. And reading. Definitely reading.

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