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What we are about...

Michalina Okreglicka Photography

Who We Are...

We are lovers of Elopements. We live and breathe Elopement journeys.

We have reached far and wide to bring together talented Elopement photographers, officiants, florists...

and everything else you might need to plan your Elopement Wedding anywhere in the world.

Radoslaw Rachwal Photography


Hayley Rafton Photography


Hayley Rafton Photography

What We Do...

Deciding to have an Elopement Wedding is a big step so we have created a place of inspiration allowing you to explore the possibilities for this once in a lifetime experience.

We aim to provide you with the tools to plan and create your own Elopement Wedding with as little or as much assistance from us as you desire.

What is an Elopement Wedding ?

Eloping is a special journey you and your partner take to a destination of your choice with the intention to commit and marry each other.

The destination can be local or in another country...it's whatever feels right for you.

Jaci Berkopec Photography


Jaci Berkopec Photography

What is an Elopement ceremony like?

An Elopement Wedding is a beautiful, intimate ceremony with as little as you, your loved one and two witnesses (some countries and states do not require any witnesses)

Often one of the two witnesses is the officiant who marries you and the other witness might be your photographer who documents and captures your day.

Why Elope ?

It is entirely up to you as a couple whether you wish to Elope.
Your reasoning could be because you want your wedding day to just be about each other;

or because you prefer something low key, or maybe you feel eloping can offer a unique day that a conventional wedding can't.

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Blitzkneisser Photography


Blitzkneisser Photography

Our Aim

We are a Worldwide Elopement Community brought together by the love of Elopement Weddings. Our community wishes to join you on your journey and provide a memorable and unique Elopement Wedding experience to you at your chosen destination.

We champion our talented Elopement photographers and other Elopement vendors all around the world and encourage our community to inspire others with creativity, art but most of all Love.