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Best Places To Elope in Washington State | WA

Best Places To Elope in Washington State – The PNW is one of the most popular areas to elope in the US. Washington State has a lot to offer and we mean a LOT to offer…The landscape is so diverse and we promise, you don’t even know the half of it!

So we take great pleasure in walking you through some epic elopement locations. Prepare for snow capped mountain tops and plunging waterfalls to rocky cliff beaches and ancient rainforests. Yes Washington State will really take your breath away!…

Mount Rainier

Best Places To Elope in Washington State

Mount Rainier Elopement | Photo By More Van Anything

A few hours south-east of Seattle lies Washington’s highest peak. Mount Rainier is an active volcano but like many active volcanoes all over the world, it hasn’t erupted for a very long time.

Eloping here would be nothing short of epic. And the best part is you can drive to lookout points and get great views of Mt Rainier’s glacier peak!

Mount Rainier Elopement | Photo By More Van Anything

The best time to elope in Mt Rainier is the Summer as the roads close in the Winter due to snow and bad weather conditions. But summertime at Mount Rainier brings something really special… The landscape comes alive with colorful wild flowers everywhere!

Mount Rainier Elopement | Photo By Courtney Lynn

There are two main lookout points, Sunrise and Paradise. Both can be accessed by car. The Sunrise lookout is slightly higher and situated on the east side of the mountain whereas Paradise is on the south.

It is hard to say which has the better views as it really is your personal preference on the type of view you wish to have. What we can say is you get great views of Mount Rainier at both points so you will have an amazing elopement ceremony no matter where you choose.

Elopement Vendors in Washington

Backcountry Bohemians

North Cascades National Park

Best Places To Elope in Washington State

North Cascades National Park Elopement | Photo By More Van Anything

North Cascades National Park is famous for its jagged peaks, glaciers and breath-taking scenery. It has so much to offer and thanks to the highway running through it, the mountain views are easily accessible by car too.

State Route 20 aka the North Cascades Highway travels the length of Washington. The highway is over 400 miles long and is a great way to see the dramatic landscape across the northern areas of Washington. It’s also perfect fit if you want to go on a road trip style elopement adventure!

Best Places To Elope in Washington State

A scenic location we’d recommend for your elopement is Diablo Lake Vista Point. It is a beautiful spot that looks out onto the turquoise blue Diablo lake below. You won’t believe how blue it is until you see it in person!

A car park for the view point is right next to it so there is no hiking required which is handy if you have lots of stuff and great if you’re inviting some guests along!

North Cascades National Park Elopement | Photo By More Van Anything

The highest point of the North Cascades Highway is at the Washington Pass Overlook which is another great location for your elopement. Here you can stand in awe looking up at the Liberty Bell mountain and use it as a backdrop for your ceremony and photos. The designated car park is just a short walk away so, again, no hiking required!

Having such an epic view really adds to the excitement of your day and makes it feel even more special and memorable. Diablo Lake and Washington Pass are just a 40 minute drive from one another so you can easily do both!

Best Places To Elope in Washington State

One more location in between these two points and just a few minutes drive from Washington Pass, is Rainy Lake. This lake is surrounded by mountain peaks so you can get majestic shots here with the water and mountains in the background. The lake is a stunning emerald color but it is so clear you can even see fish swimming in it!

If you are wondering what time of year is best, many parts of North Cascades are covered in snow for most of the year so we recommend eloping here in the Summer months or early Fall.

Olympic National Park and Peninsula

Best Places To Elope in Washington State

Olympic Peninsula Elopement | Photo By More Van Anything

Olympic National Park spreads across the large piece of land on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, east of Seattle. This part of the state is truly unique. In fact, you cannot compare it to any other park in the whole of the United States, never mind Washington!

The key word here is diversity, Olympic National Park is home to many different ecosystems…its rugged and rocky coastline spreads over 70 miles. And before we discuss the other wonders of this park, let’s have a look at great coastal locations for your elopement…

Best Coastal Elopement Spots on the Olympic Peninsula

We recommend Ruby Beach if you are looking to have a beach elopement. The beach is just a short walk through a forested trail from the nearby parking lot. And once the beach is in sight you’ll notice the shoreline is covered in large sea stacks rising up from the sea!

Take a stroll along the beach as you watch and listen to the waves crash against the rocks. It’s perfect for adding a wild adventurous feel to your beach elopement!

Best Places To Elope In Washington State

Olympic Peninsula Elopement | Photo By By Kristen Marie

Another spectacular location along the coast is Cape Flattery. Cape Flattery is on the north-west tip of the Olympic Peninsula and is the most northwestern point in the US. How cool would it be to say you’ve been there ? And better yet, experience it ?! We cannot put into words how incredible this location is, the natural beauty you’ll see here is outstanding…

From the designated car park, it’s a 15 – 20 minute hike through the forest to the cliff edge. The beautiful ocean view consists of a mixture of deep coves, rocky cliffs, trees and sea stacks. It is a great place to visit on your trip regardless of whether you choose to elope here.

Rainforest Elopements in Olympic National Park

Yes you read that right! Washington has rainforests ! Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park is a paradise of trees covered in hanging moss with fern appearing everywhere you step. Its enchanting atmosphere is why so many couples choose to elope here!

Hoh Rainforest lies deep in the wilderness but is less than an hours drive from the Ruby Beach coastline. It has a visitor center and car park so you don’t have to go jungle trekking to reach it!

Mountain Elopements in Olympic National Park

Best Places To Elope in Washington State

Elopement at Olympic National Park | Photo By Courtney Lynn

If you are looking for mountains views on your elopement day then Hurricane Ridge will give you that and then some! Hurricane Ridge is the most easily accessed mountain area in Olympic National Park and gives you mountain views as far as the horizon.

Drive up its twisting and turning road to the mile-high summit and enjoy the view! There are many trails you can embark on and if you like winter sports then why not take advantage of the ski area while you are there.

Eloping in Olympic National Park

As you can tell, there’s so much to see in Olympic National Park and the peninsula. So even if you decide to elope somewhere different in Washington state, you should definitely pay a visit to explore this incredible place.

Snoqualmie Pass

Snoqualmie Pass is a mountain road that takes you through a section of the Cascades Mountain Range. It reaches an altitude of over 3000 feet and is known for its ski resorts with winter sports activities.

There is so much mountain scenery to enjoy here and too many locations to mention so we’ve picked two easily accessible spots for an unforgettable elopement day.

Waterfall Elopement At Snoqualmie Pass

Waterfall Elopements are a favourite of ours and rightly so! The excitement of a cascading waterfall thundering down next to you is quite something. It’s so refreshing to feel the mist touching your skin and for an elopement ceremony it can feel rather symbolic.

Franklin Falls is our pick for an elopement spot. It’s just a 2 mile round trip from the parking lot and if you’re happy to tread on a few stones and rocks then you can get real close to the waterfall. Perfect for some epic waterfall elopement shots!

Mountain Lake Elopement At Snoqualmie Pass

Best Places To Elope in Washington State

Elope to Gold Creek Pond | Photo By Shivkumar Kalasgonda

However, if you are looking for a more tranquil setting for your elopement then we recommend Gold Creek Pond. Here you’ll find a peaceful lake surrounded by alpine trees and mountain peaks.

Notice how still the water is, making it appear like glass which creates amazing reflections of the surrounding natural beauty. The great thing about eloping at Snoqualmie Pass is everything is close by so you can spend your elopement day in more than one location easily.

Palouse Falls State Park

Best Places To Elope in Washington State

Elope to Palouse Falls | Photo By Atanas Malamov | Best Places To Elope In Washington State

Fancy eloping next to the official Washington State waterfall? Palouse Falls was named Washington State’s waterfall in 2014 after a request was made by local school children. This natural wonder was formed over 13,000 years ago. Carved by the floods during the Ice Age, which tells you just how special this place is.

The views of the canyon and the thundering waterfall are spectacular. You can go right to the edge of cliff if you dare! Many eloping couples love to get some photos with the canyon and waterfall in the background. Some even go one step further and choose to have their ceremony at the cliff edge.

San Juan Islands

Best Places To Elope in Washington State

San Juan Islands Elopement | Orcas Island | Photo By Sydney Angove

The San Juan Islands are a cluster of islands off the coast of Washington State, known for their wildlife and whale watching experiences. So if you’d like to do some whale-watching during your elopement trip then this is the place to be. There’s even an island called Orcas Island!

You can travel to San Juan Island, Orcas Island, and Lopez Island by ferry and you’ll find plenty of places to stay, eat and enjoy the island life! The highest point in the San Juan Islands is Mount Constitution on Orcas Island. Here you get an incredible view of the ocean and surrounding islands. A perfect spot for saying your vows!

Best Places To Elope In Washington State

Ready to Start Planning your Elopement in Washington State?

Well, Washington State has some impressive options for eloping, don’t you think? We hope our post has sparked your interest and gave you some food for thought. So are you ready to start planning your epic elopement experience in the PNW?

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the areas we’ve covered in this post. Or if you want to ask about a location we haven’t touched on… Click the button below to reach us –

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