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Best Places To Elope in California

Best Places To Elope in California – California is the most visited state in the U.S. and we can all think of many reasons why… The sun, sea and all year round warm temperatures are just the beginning.

So when it comes to eloping, you can choose to wed in any season here and still get warm weather. Being the most popular state to visit in the US has it’s downsides though, it means there’s a lot of tourists everywhere you go. If you choose your location carefully, however, then you might just beat the crowds and have panoramic views all to yourself!

So let’s have a look at the best locations California has to offer to give you a better idea of where’s best for your wedding day…

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Elopement Wedding | Photo By Carrie Rogers

It’s one of the top places to elope in the US so it’s a no brainer to start off our list at Yosemite. Recognise the location in the following photo ? Of course! It’s a popular viewpoint and photo opportunity called Taft Point.

Anyone who uses Instagram is bound to have seen a shot like this pop up on their screen. And no wonder! It’s a beautiful view and depending on the time of day and season, you’ll enjoy a variety of colors until the sun goes down.

Yosemite Elopement at Taft Point | Photography By Allison Slater

Glacier Point is another popular location for an elopement in Yosemite due to its amazing view over to the world famous half-dome. The half-dome is exactly what it sounds like – a dome cut in half! You can actually climb up it with a permit so if you are looking for your elopement day to hit the next level, this might be your perfect place!

Not a fan of heights ? No problem! You can enjoy looking up at the towering granite cliffs from the valley below.

Elopement Vendors near California

Kristen Marie

Big Sur

If rugged cliffs and crashing waves are what sparks that fire in your belly then the Big Sur could be your soul mate! Here you have a 90 mile stretch of coastline providing epic views and adventure.

Sandy Beach at Big Sur | Photo By Carrie Rogers

Hobble over the rocky cliffs carefully (best not to wear heels!) to get stunning views of the coast and sea. We recommend a visit to Pfeiffer Beach where you may see the sand turning a purple color – especially after rainfall. The sand has minerals present which are washed down from the mountains above creating this beautiful purple sand!

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree Elopement | Photo By Courtney Lynn

If you want a desert feel to your elopement then Joshua Tree National Park is a great option. About 2 hours drive east of LA, you can enjoy a vast landscape of desert plants including the strikingly beautiful Joshua Tree – of which the park is named after.

Joshua Tree Elopement Wedding | Photo By Carrie Rogers

The Joshua Tree’s distinct shape and appearance would be the perfect backdrop for a boho style elopement. Not only that. You’ll find lots of other cool looking plants and flowers too, especially lots of different kinds of cactus! Who doesn’t love cactus !

Redwood Forest

Redwoods Elopement Wedding| Photo By More Van Anything

As you can see from the photo, Redwood National Park is home to the some of the world’s tallest living trees! Just look at the size of that fallen tree, it’s humongous! Redwood forests are great locations if you live for those rich earthy colors. Eloping here will provide a gorgeous mix of greens, browns and rustic reds as your color palette.

You’ll be gazing upwards for hours in amazement at these giant creatures, feeling honoured to be in their presence. The forest gives off a real mystical vibe with many people expressing how calming it feels to roam around.

Red Rock Canyon State Park

Red Rock Canyon Elopement Wedding | Photo By Carrie Rogers

(Not to be confused with Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area – a few miles west of Las Vegas) This is an ideal elopement spot for red rock lovers! We wouldn’t blame you though, for looking at the image (above) and thinking it’s somewhere in Nevada, Utah or Arizona but this piece of red rock heaven is actually located 2 hours north of LA.

The desert cliffs and towering rock formations make this place a fun playground for capturing your elopement. The rocks have a lot of vivid, contrasting colors; with deep rustic shades against light sandy shades mixing together like a match made in heaven!

Lake Tahoe

Elopement Wedding in Lake Tahoe | Photography By Allison Slater

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake with part of its shores in California and part in Nevada. It is a tourist attraction in all seasons due to its countless ski resorts and sandy beaches.

The scenery here offers a bit of everything; mountain peaks, rocky shores, clear blue water and golden sandy beaches! So, all in all, a great location if you are looking for a variety of backdrops to choose from.

Sunset Cliffs, San Diego

Sunset Cliffs San Diego | Photo By Carrie Rogers

Why not combine your elopement and honeymoon destination ? The Sunset Cliffs of San Diego will give you those much loved holiday vibes and more! The coastline is super dreamy with the waves crashing against the rocky cliffs and the palm trees gently swaying from the breeze.

Stand on the cliff edges if you are brave enough or feel the warm sand against your feet as you run along the beach. We say …do both ! And as with anywhere along the Californian coast, you can watch beautiful sunsets as the sky meets the sea.

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Best Places To Elope in California

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California offers so much more variety than you think ! Whether it’s a coastal elopement, a ceremony in the woods or an adventurous hike up a mountain, it all can be done here. We can connect you with photographers and planners to guide your west coast wedding. Contact us about your California elopement via the button below –

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