Best Places to Elope in the US (America)

Best Places To Elope in The USBig, free and open are three words that describe America as a whole but funnily enough that’s exactly how we’d describe the national parks too. They vary to the extreme but are all amazing in different ways which is why the US is one of the best places to elope in the world…

America has 62 National Parks so there is a great deal of choice when thinking of where to elope. From the depths of the Grand Canyon to the high peaks of Colorado, there is something for everyone.

We’ve searched far and wide for the most incredible views and experiences and came up with a list of the best places to elope in the US. Let’s go through them one by one to find your dream elopement location !

Best Places To Elope in the US | America

  1. Yosemite National Park
  2. Lake Powell
  3. Hanging Lake
  4. Oregon Coast
  5. Moab
  6. Mount Hood
  7. Grand Canyon
  8. Chugach Mountains

Yosemite National Park

Elope in California
Photography By Lilly Sells | Best Places To Elope in the US

Travelling east of the San Francisco coastline is where you’ll find Yosemite National Park. Enormous granite cliffs towering over lush green meadows make Yosemite a real paradise.

Home to one of the world’s tallest waterfalls and the world-famous Half Dome, this park ranks high for a once in a lifetime elopement experience. If you are looking for adventure and a yearning for getting lost in the wilderness, this is a great park to do just that.

Yosemite National Park | Half Dome | Photography By Kristen Marie

Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend

Arizona + Utah Border

The Horseshoe Bend lies in Arizona with Lake Powell flowing through it (from bordering state Utah). Horseshoe Bend is a spectacular sight and is certainly a unique elopement location.

Like the name suggests, the winding river has moulded the rock faces to form a horseshoe shape. The cliffs are 1000 feet high and the view of the lake below is breathtaking.

Hanging Lake – Best Places To Elope in the US

Elope in Colorado
Hanging Lake Elopement | Colorado Intimate destination wedding | Photography By Vows and Peaks
Hanging Lake Elopement | Photography By Vows and Peaks

Colorado is in a league of its own in terms of outdoor adventure. There are endless opportunities with Vail , Aspen and Telluride being great destinations for ski lovers ! Its 4 national parks offer a wide range of diverse landscape and breathtaking scenery.

It’s hard to choose a great place to elope in Colorado because there are so many beautiful spots but one true gem is the Hanging Lake. Paradise is a word you could use to describe this place as ribbons of waterfalls surrounding this turquoise lake will leave you lost for words. You can park your car at the Hidden Lake Rest Area and although the mile hike is steep and rocky, the journey is 100% worth the view.

Oregon Coast

Photography By Kreative Memories | Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast | Photography By Kreative Memories

Oregon is situated on the north west coast of america and offers much more than sandy beaches and ocean views. There is a real rugged feel to the landscape here which means everything when it comes to an elopement setting.

Have your ceremony on the beach or dare to take your vows on a cliff edge. There are lots of options here and great opportunities to get photos in front of the crashing waves which is why it’s one of our best places to elope in the US.

Moab + Surroundings

Elope in Utah
Moab Utah Elopement | Intimate Sunset Wedding | Red Rock | More Van Anything
Moab Utah Elopement | Photography by More Van Anything

Utah is the state to visit if you love red rock formations. The eastern side is home to the red rock parks of Canyonlands and the Arches.

If you have researched elopements on Instagram then you may have noticed the number of couples choosing Moab as their destination. Moab is the closest city to both of these parks and acts as a base for travellers visiting them.

Moab National Parks

Arches National Park is full of over 2000 natural sandstone formations in the shape of an arch. It’s perfect for a red rock style elopement ! These ancient arches are around 65 million years old and rise up to 112ft. A recommended place to visit during your elopement stay at the very least.

Moab Utah Elopement | Intimate Sunset Wedding | Red Rock | More Van Anything
Moab Utah Elopement | Photography By More Van Anything

The good thing about having your elopement here is that you have easy access to more than one park. So you can have a variety of back drops for your photography by travelling to each. Canyonlands National Park is around a quarter of the size of the Grand Canyon but has the advantage of offering similar views with less tourists. Its desert landscape has been carved by the colorado river (just like the Grand Canyon).

One of the other remarkable things about Canyonlands is that you can drive through the park and even take a scenic drive through the Island in the Sky. You can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape from this 1000 ft high sheer-walled mesa.

Mt. Hood – Best Places To Elope in the US

Elope in Oregon
Mount Hood Oregon PNW Elopement | Intimate Destination Wedding | Trillium Lake Mountain Adventure
Mount Hood Elopement | Photography By Atanas Malamov

Mount Hood is Oregon’s tallest peak and is the only place in North America to offer year round skiing. However, you don’t have to climb the mountain to experience incredible views. The surrounding lakes are great places to elope especially if you are looking for spots that do not require a hike.

The Lost Lake and Trillium Lake provide panoramic views over the water, not to mention the gorgeous back drop of Mount Hood in the distance. The lakes are accessible by car with ample parking which is perfect if you wish to invite some guests along.

Grand Canyon

Elope in Arizona
Grand Canyon Elopement | Photography By Alan Carrillo

Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon, one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. This mile deep canyon has been carved over millions of years by the Colorado River. The spectacular layers of red rock stretch 277 miles and 18 miles wide.

There are many viewpoints for your elopement around the Grand Canyon. Popular locations on the south rim of the canyon are Mather Point and Yavapai Observation Station. Another is Lipan Point with panoramic views of the canyon and Colorado river. Sunrise and sunset viewing is very popular here too!

Chugach Mountains

Elope in Alaska
chugach mountain adventure elopement photographer in anchorage alaska | Destination Wedding
Chugach Mountains Elopement – Anchorage, Alaska | Photography By Zetong Li

Alaska is a beautiful part of the world and the eloping possibilities are endless here which is why it’s on our best places to elope in the US. It’s perfect for couples looking for adventure and epic scenery. The largest city in Alaska is Anchorage and if you stay in the city you’ll find spectacular elopement spots on your doorstep.

If you drive down the Seward Highway you’ll see amazing views of the Chugach Mountains along the coastal part of the road. Great ocean views and mountain scenery – what more could you want! If you are looking for a unique place to start your married life together then Alaska is a great choice.

Best Places to elope in the US

Ready to Start Planning ?

So many couples elope to America and looking at all of these incredible locations…you can see why! No matter if you are an adrenaline junkie or seeking a peaceful utopia, America has it all. If you can’t choose just one location then why not travel to a few, you can create the trip of your dreams.

If you have any questions about any of the areas we touched on or if you wish to find out more on Eloping to the U.S. then please get in touch with us via the contact form below, we’d love to hear from you !

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