New Mexico

New Mexico Elopement Weddings

New Mexico is nicknamed The Land of Enchantment and home to a variety of hidden treasures and spectacular geological sites.

There are two national parks in New Mexico with both offering extraordinary experiences in very different ways. Here's a short description of what to expect:

White Sands National Park

The White Sands National Park is a park full of white sand dunes made up of rare gypsum crystals. The dunes rise 60 feet high and glisten as the light hits them - a real treat for the eyes.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

If you are looking to do something really unique then you might want to  pay a visit to the Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Enter the park through the natural entrance which takes you into a large underground cave.  The Stalactites can be seen hanging from the cave ceiling as you delve deeper into the cavern.

Visiting a Native American Community

Many native american communities are spread across the state in pueblos, tribes and nations. Each Tribe is a sovereign nation with its own government, traditions, and culture. If you would like to visit, learn and immerse yourself in the native american culture for a day then you'll be glad to know this is possible. Every community welcomes respectful visitors but a quick call to the pueblo or tribal office in advance to ensure you are welcomed on the day.