Best Places To Elope in Ireland

Why elope in Ireland ?

Ireland is a beautiful country and a wonderful destination for your elopement. There are so many things to love about Ireland; the friendly people, the music and of course the picturesque scenery everywhere you go.

They call it the Emerald Isle because the land is covered with rolling green fields. There is a real mystical feel about the place which makes eloping here rather special.

What is the scenery like in Ireland ?

If you are looking for epic backdrops then Ireland is one to consider. The coastal areas are popular due to the steep cliffs and crashing waves – never failing to make you gasp with both excitement and fear. Your photos will be anything but boring !

Best Places To Elope in Ireland

  1. Dunluce Castle
  2. Dunseverick Castle
  3. Menlo Castle
  4. Causeway Clifftop Path
  5. Killarney National Park
  6. The Cliffs of Moher
  7. Kinbane Castle
  8. Murlough Bay
  9. Ballintoy Harbour
  10. Mourne Mountains
  11. Dark Hedges
  12. Inspiring Videos for Eloping in Ireland
  13. Elopement Photographers + Videographers in Ireland

Let’s set the scene…

Imagine standing at a cliff edge with only your loved one between you and the raging seas below.

The wind blowing through your hair as you listen to the deafening sound of the waves crash against the cliffs.

And as you stand gazing into your loved ones eyes…

You are wild, free and ready to declare your love and commitment to one another.

Ready to take on this big adventure of life together.

Doesn’t it sound so exciting ? Even just thinking about it makes your heart beat a little faster !

Where are the best locations in Ireland to elope ?

To help make your elopement dreams a reality, we have rounded up 11 of the best places for you to consider. View the spectacular photos below (captured by Nigel Ivy Film) to give you an idea of how your elopement could look. Keep reading and scrolling to see the best that Ireland offers –

Dunluce Castle

County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Dunluce Castle Elopement | Photography By Nigel Ivy

Dunluce Castle offers everything you could wish for in an iconic Irish elopement. The castle is a medieval ruin which balances on the top of a rocky cliff edge on the north coast of County Antrim (Northern Ireland).

The field next to the castle is a great place to have your ceremony. Here, you can say your vows with the breathtaking views of the castle, cliffs and sea behind you. A perfect setting for some amazing photography as husband and wife.

Tip: Permission is required from the farmer who owns the field and a small fee is charged to access it but our Ireland photographers can organise this for you prior to the day.

Dunseverick Castle

County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Dunseverick Castle Elopement | Photography By Nigel Ivy
Photography By Nigel Ivy | Dunseverick Castle Elopement

Dunseverick Castle is a top choice for an elopement along the coast. It is located just off Causeway Road so you can access it easily by car and great if you wish to have a few guests attending.

The castle itself is a ruin and the landscape is unique with various headlands sticking out of the mainland at different heights (see above photos).

There are a lot of options with this location and a lot of great reasons to elope here.

Menlo Castle

County Galway, Ireland

Menlo Castle| Photography By Nigel Ivy

Best Places To Elope in Ireland

Photography By Nigel Ivy | Menlo Castle

Menlo Castle is a beautiful location, the castle sits just outside of Galway on Ireland’s west coast and is covered in ivy.

You can have your ceremony inside or outside the castle ruins making it a perfect place for a castle elopement. The green ivy covering what’s left of the castle provides a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos.

Tip: Galway is a popular place to visit in Ireland so you’ll likely wish to explore the city too during your visit.

Causeway Clifftop Path

County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Causeway Clifftop Path | Photography By Nigel Ivy

The Causeway clifftop path is a coastal walkway in Northern Ireland offering amazing views of the coastline. If you are looking for the full experience of a wild and windy hike whilst taking in the spectacular surroundings then this is where you want to go.

Tip: You have the option to say your vows anywhere along the clifftop path but a must see is the view from Hamilton’s Seat – it really is out of this world !

An unforgettable experience for adventurous elopers.

Killarney National Park

County Kerry, Ireland

Killarney National Park | Photography By Nigel Ivy

Killarney National Park is situated near the west coast and was the first national park in Ireland. It is a great area to explore if you are looking to do some hiking on your adventure elopement.

The park has beautiful lakes, mountain views and waterfalls so you’ll be spoilt for choice in deciding where to have your ceremony.

The Cliffs of Moher

County Clare, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher | Photography By Jesse Gardner

The Cliffs of Moher are a popular tourist attraction on the west coast of Ireland. Many couples probably envision the iconic Cliffs of Moher when thinking of eloping in Ireland.

The cliffs reach a maximum height of 702ft so those brave enough to stand near the cliff edge will be rewarded with an impressive view looking out to the Atlantic Ocean.

Tourists flock to this spot so you’ll have to rely on our experienced photographers to know exactly where to go. Tip: Hag’s Head is a great spot for your elopement and can be hired from the local farmer.

Kinbane Castle

County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Kinbane Castle | Photography By Nigel Ivy

Best Places To Elope in Ireland

Crashing waves against the rocks at Kinbane Castle | Photography By Nigel Ivy
Kinbane Castle | Photography By Nigel Ivy

Kinbane Castle ticks so many boxes in providing an epic experience. The landscape really has to be seen to be believed here ! The castle ruins rest on a narrow limestone point stretching out into the sea and is quite a sight to behold.

You can walk down the steps and enjoy the view looking up to the castle – together with the crashing waves and rocky cliff drops you’ll be lost for words with its wow factor.

Murlough Bay

County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Murlough Bay| Photography By Nigel Ivy

Murlough Bay is a hidden gem found along the Causeway Coast and considered one of the most beautiful bays in County Antrim. This location was used to film parts of the popular Game of Thrones series so it’s a must see for any GOT fans. The bay is easily accessible by car yet it has a real secluded feel to it.

A picturesque setting for your elopement with views stretching out to Rathlin Island and the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland.

Ballintoy Harbour

County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Ballintoy Harbour | Photography By Nigel Ivy

Best Places To Elope in Ireland

Ballintoy Harbour | Videography By Nigel Ivy

Ballintoy Harbour is a quaint old fishing village on the coast of Northern Ireland. It offers something a bit different to the typical Irish elopement (standing on a cliff edge); allowing for a more gentle, calmer experience. It’s a great option for couples who prefer not to be fighting against the elements.

A real charming place with lots of quirky spots to choose from. Tip: If you book with one of our photographers, they’ll be able to suggest some great locations.

The Mourne Mountains

County Down, Northern Ireland


Best Places To Elope in Ireland

Mourne Mountains | Videography By Nigel Ivy

If your ideal elopement setting is high on a mountain top then there are endless opportunities of adventure here. Embark on a journey with your loved one for an experience of a lifetime and enjoy the view from the top.

The Mourne Mountains are a great option for couples looking to elope in the mountains.

The Dark Hedges

County Antrim, Northern Ireland

The Dark Hedges | Photography By Nigel Ivy

If you decide to elope along the Causeway Coast then you might want to travel inland to see this stunning avenue of beech trees called The Dark Hedges. Game of Thrones fans will recognise it as King’s Road and you can see why it was chosen as a filming location.

Tip: Grabbing a few shots with this awesome backdrop will add some drama to your wedding photos.

Inspiring Videos for Eloping in Ireland

Kinbane Castle

Kinbane Castle | Videography By Nigel Ivy

Best Places To Elope in Ireland

Mourne Mountains

Mourne Mountains | Videography By Nigel Ivy

Elope In Ireland – Ready to start planning ?

As you can see, Ireland is pretty special… The landscape offers great adventure, breathtaking scenery and a whole lot more ! Altogether creating an elopement experience like no other.

If you have any questions about any of the areas we touched on or if you wish to find out more on Eloping to Ireland then please get in touch with us via the contact form below, we’d love to hear from you !

Or get in touch with our vendor partner Nigel Ivy Film who can take care of your film and photography on the day – Click here to view Nigel Ivy Film’s website

Elopement Photographers / Videographers in Ireland

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Blog Credits

We’d like to thank Nigel Ivy at Nigel Ivy Film for his expert knowledge in this field and for allowing us to use that information to create this guide.

We’d also like to thank Nigel Ivy for allowing us to publish his stunning Ireland photography and videography – showcasing these incredible eloping destinations.

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