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Best Places To Elope in New York City | NYC

Best Places To Elope in New York City – Thinking of getting married in the city that never sleeps ? Visiting New York City is an experience you’ll get nowhere else on the planet. So if you are considering eloping there, you are pretty much guaranteed to have the ULTIMATE trip of a life-time in NYC!

You may be looking to have a whirlwind wedding full of fun and excitement or you could be looking for something a little more tranquil. You might be surprised to know that New York City can offer both!

From outstanding rooftop views to a peaceful ceremony location surrounded by nature, we are going to show you the best places to elope in New York City. We have a lot of surprise entries and hidden gems we can’t wait to show you. So let’s get started with NYC’s Crown Jewel…Central Park!

Best Places To Elope in New York City


Best Places To Elope in New York City


How To Elope In Central Park | NYC

Best Places To Elope in New York City

This huge green space, smack bang in the center of New York City has so many options for getting hitched. The park covers a whole 843 acres making it 2.5 miles long and half a mile wide! Impressive isn’t it? So when we say it is easy to get lost here – now you know why!

If you want to get married in Central Park and you are having less than 20 guests attending then you don’t even need a permit. You can just turn up and get married…Yes you read that right! BUT since Central Park is a busy place we recommend you pay the very reasonable $25 to secure your spot.

It will give you peace of mind that there will be no awkward moments where you can’t access your planned elopement location because another couple got there before you!

Best Places To Elope in Central Park

Wagner Cove

Wagner Cove Elopement in Central Park | NYC Wedding

If you are looking for a quiet place in Central Park for your elopement ceremony then Wagner Cove is an ideal spot. It is situated in a secluded cove on Central Park’s lake. You can exchange your vows underneath the small wooden pavilion next to the water.

You can also rent a rowing boat and go for a romantic boat ride along the lake. Wedding days can be tiring so if you are aren’t in the mood to row yourself then you can hire a gondola and have someone row for you while you relax. Surrounded by all the greenery, you’ll forget you’re in New York City!

Ladies Pavilion

Best Places To Elope in New York City

Ladies Pavilion Elopement in Central Park | NYC Wedding

The Ladies Pavilion is a beautiful structure and perfect for a special occasion like an elopement wedding. Designed and built in 1871 as a shelter for carriage riders, this charming pavilion is loved by all which is why it’s one of the most popular places to get married in Central Park.

Like Wagner Cove, the pavilion is situated on the lake but it is not as secluded so you may find yourself having a small audience gathering during your ceremony…everyone loves a wedding!

Dene Summerhouse

Best Places To Elope in New York City

Dene Summerhouse Elopement in Central Park | NYC Wedding

Dene Summerhouse aka A Treehouse For Dreaming is another beautiful hideaway spot for an elopement wedding…Who knew there were so many great elopement spots in Central Park! This rustic treehouse sits high up on a large rock outcrop overlooking the park and its paths. A peaceful retreat with a lovely view!

Belvedere Castle

Best Places To Elope in New York City

Belvedere Castle Elopement in Central Park | NYC Wedding

Did you know there is a castle in Central Park? Or at least a miniature castle…Well, now you know! Belvedere Castle sits upon Vista Rock and offers panoramic views of the park.

It is a fantastic place for eloping if you are dreaming of a fairy-tale setting. You can say your vows under the pavilion before climbing up the winding staircase to the terrace for one of the best views in the park!

New York City Rooftop Elopements

Best Places To Elope in New York City

Rooftop Bar Elopement in New York City | NYC Wedding

The New York City skyline is one of the most iconic sights in the world so why not use it as a backdrop for your elopement! There are many hotels, bars and Airbnb’s you can choose for your elopement where you can enjoy breath-taking views of the city – making your trip and wedding day an unforgettable one!

Eloping on a rooftop is one of the most popular ways to get married in New York City and it is really practical too! You can choose to elope on the rooftop of the hotel you are staying at… This means you can get ready comfortably knowing you only have to jump in the elevator for your ceremony.

You could also choose to elope at the same place as you’ll be dining in so you don’t have to worry about travelling around the city after your ceremony. It is important to take these things into consideration when planning your elopement as it is far from ideal to be spending your wedding day stuck in traffic!

Archer Hotel Rooftop Bar

Best Places To Elope in New York City


At 22 stories high, the Archer Hotel Spyglass Rooftop Bar and is a great spot for your elopement ceremony. It offers an unobstructed view of the world famous Empire State Building and the epic New York City skyline.

So you can say your vows with iconic New York landmarks as your witnesses! Prices start from $1050 to elope on the rooftop here but vary depending on what day of the week and time of day you plan to book for.

Wythe Hotel Rooftop Bar

Best Places To Elope in New York City

Rooftop Bar Elopement in New York City | NYC Wedding

Many buildings in New York City soar over 600ft high so to get panoramic views of the skyline, you’re best to head further out. Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn is perfect for this…

This historic factory turned boutique hotel has a four-story glass roof extending up out of the original building which blends vintage and modern effortlessly. You can elope in one their stylish rooftop lofts and enjoy sweeping views of the city over the East River.

Made Hotel Rooftop Lounge

Best Places To Elope in New York City


The Good Behavior Lounge in Made Hotel is another stunning rooftop bar with panoramic views of New York City. Situated on the 18th floor, the space is a botanical paradise full of plants indoor and outdoor. The natural vibe brings a welcome calm atmosphere amongst the hustle and bustle of NYC…

Eloping here means you have the opportunity to use the rooftop view as a backdrop for your photography as well as utilizing the abundance of greenery. You can reserve the space for 2 hours for a flat fee of $1500 (+ tax ) which also includes a very tempting one night stay in the Penthouse Suite! Yes please!!

Best Places To Elope Near New York City

If you are planning your elopement trip to New York but are undecided about whether to search for somewhere low key for your ceremony. Or maybe you live in New York and want to escape the city for your elopement wedding. Well, you’ll be pleased to know there are some beautiful nature spots within driving distance of NYC…

Lake Minnewaska

Best Places To Elope in New York City

Lake Minnewaska Elopement in Upstate New York

Lake Minnewaska is a stunning stretch of water surrounded by rocky cliffs and acres of trees. You can find this lake in Upstate New York – less than 2 hours drive from New York City. It is the perfect retreat away from the city life where you can enjoy nature at its absolute best!

There are picture perfect spots you can access on the rocky cliffs (if you are brave enough!) where you can enjoy amazing views over the lake. The cliffs are also great for hosting your ceremony on – so you can say your vows looking out on to the water.

We also recommend hiking a short, 1 mile, trail to a nearby waterfall called Awosting Falls. This 65 foot plunging waterfall is a popular tourist spot but the pool is often shallow enough for you to dip your toes in…So if you are looking for some romantic shots by a waterfall then this is your chance!

Other New York City Parks To Elope In

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Best Places To Elope in New York City

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Elopement | NYC Wedding

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is ideal if you’d like a garden setting but would like to have your ceremony conducted in private away from unexpected onlookers. Here you can get married surrounded by blooming flowers and luscious lawns before the gardens even open to the public.

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens only allow outdoor ceremonies to take place between 9 and 10am so although it is an early start for a wedding, the big plus is you get the place all to yourself for one whole hour! The cost to have your ceremony here is $600 and you can invite up to 50 guests.

Best Places To Elope in New York City

Another option is to have your ceremony elsewhere but pay $350 to have a wedding photo session inside the gardens. Sessions can last up to 45 minutes at a location of your choice. During this time, you’ll be escorted by a security guard to ensure no one interrupts your session.

Elopement locations to choose from include the Rose Garden, Water Garden, Woodland Garden and the Japanese Hill and Pond Garden!

Prospect Park

Best Places To Elope in New York City

Prospect Park Elopement in Brooklyn | NYC Wedding

An alternative option to eloping in Central Park. Prospect park has a lot of beauty to offer and with it being in Brooklyn, it is generally quieter than Manhattan’s Central Park.

A wedding permit costs just $25 and although you are only permitted to have your ceremony conducted in certain places, you are free to be photographed anywhere in the park afterwards.

Hunters Point South Park

Best Places To Elope in New York City

Hunters Point South Park Elopement | NYC Wedding

Until recently Hunter’s Point was an abandoned post-industrial area in Long Island City. Now it has been transformed into a beautiful waterfront park with incredible views of the New York City skyline.

This is a great option if you are looking for this type of view in a natural outdoor setting. Permits to get married around Hunter’s Point cost just $25 so it’s a real affordable option with one heck of a view!

Best Places To Elope In New York City

Ready to Start Planning your Elopement Wedding in New York City?

New York City has more diverse options than you might expect for an elopement. You can opt for an iconic city-style wedding but there’s also the option to go somewhere private for a peaceful, intimate ceremony.

We hope our post has sparked your interest and gave you some food for thought. So are you ready to start planning your epic elopement experience in the Big Apple?!

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the anything we’ve covered in our ‘Best Places To Elope in New York City’ post. Or if you want to ask about a location we haven’t touched on… Click the button below to reach us –

Best Places To Elope In New York City

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