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10 Reasons To Elope

10 Reasons To Elope – The meaning of the word elopement has changed immensely over the years. It used to be the term for when couples ran away to marry in secret. However times have changed and couples are realising they don’t have to follow in the same footsteps as others.

Traditional weddings are full of … Yes you guessed it … TRADITION and can often come with a lot of baggage to say the least. Eloping provides an opportunity for couples to marry in a way that’s true to them.

As a result, eloping is now looked upon as a meaningful alternative to planning a big wedding. Adventurous, creative and artistic souls are all embracing the idea of planning a day dedicated to their loved one.

Here’s a list of some great reasons why eloping is so awesome –

1. Freedom

Freedom To Elope | Photography By Nemanja Dimitric

Eloping gives you the freedom to do whatever you want on your wedding day. Does the thought of a schedule or a timeline give you the fear ?

1. Ceremony ->

2. Photography ->

3. Speeches ->

4. Dinner ->

And at this point you still haven’t had a chance to have a meaningful conversation with anyone! It’s great having everyone you love present on your wedding day but do you actually get to spend any time with them ? Eloping allows you to decide exactly what you do together and sharing it just the two of you can be just as special.

2.Focus on your LOVE

10 reasons to elope | intimate elopement destination wedding | Tuscany Italy Elopement
10 Reasons To Elope | Photography By Sebastian David Bonacchi

With all the traditions, expectation and not to mention expense in a conventional wedding, is it so far-fetched to see yourself spending the day just the two of you?

After all, the day is about celebrating your love for another. An elopement can give you a day full of intention and moments to treasure as well as a chance to properly express how you feel about one another.

3. Plan A Unique Day

Plan A Unique Elopement | Photography By Celestine Aerden

Isn’t it weird that every single person is unique and yet society tells us we are all supposed to have the exact same wedding day ? Wouldn’t it be great to plan a wedding day unique to you, as a couple ?

There are no rules or traditions with elopements so you can plan the day whichever way you want and that is the whole beauty of it.

4. Adventure Awaits

Adventure Elopement | Credit: Amulet Weddings

Getting married is a huge milestone in your life so why not do something memorable. You can do something you are both passionate about

– You could travel somewhere in the world you’ve never been to before but always wanted to visit.

– If you like adventure then you could hike up a mountain and say your vows at the top.

– Or you could even travel to a honeymoon destination and elope while you are there.

There are so many options for you to explore, it all depends on who you are as a couple and what interests you.

5. Is it really you ?

Mountain Elopement | Photography By Davids Imaging

For many people, being the centre of attention for a day is an anxious thought – which is completely natural. A big wedding surrounded by a lot of people isn’t for everyone (no matter if it’s close family and friends). So why force yourself to spend one of the biggest days of your life feeling uncomfortable to suit others.

Don’t be afraid of disappointing people because if they love you, they’ll want you to be happy.

Eloping is a great way to spend the day being your true selves and guess what… you deserve it !

6. Unleash your creative side

10 Reasons To Elope | Credit: Elope in Switzerland

If you are eloping you can spend money on the things that are important to you. If you’ve researched elopements on Instagram then you know you are in for a treat if you choose a kick ass photographer to capture your day.

A wedding dress is one of the most personal and sacred items you’ll ever wear in your life so having the opportunity to pick THE dress in the style YOU like is so important. You might realise the dress you dream of might differ from the dress you feel you should wear – in front of all your family and friends.

7. Less Stress

Intimate Elopement | By A Love Above Photography

The pressure of planning your day in a format that doesn’t fill you with joy can really take its toll. It’s no surprise that family can often dictate where you get married and who you invite. This slowly starts to make you feel like your wedding day is about pleasing other people rather than love.

Why should you have to sacrifice your own happiness for other people (even family) on your wedding day ? Planning a day where you can really connect with your partner and enjoy each other’s company sounds much less stressful.

8. Happy Bank Balance

Alps Elopement | Credit: Elope in Switzerland

Another good reason for eloping is the money factor. And it’s not really about ‘Can you afford a conventional wedding?’

The question is “Are you prepared to spend so much of your hard earned money on one day?”

It’s a big expense for a day that’s gone in a flash. You can’t put a price on marrying the love of your life but nowadays weddings have turned into a big show. Many couples struggle to keep up with all the ‘trends’ and yet every wedding feels the exact same!

9. Amazing Photography

Blue Mountains Elopement – Photography By Hayley Rafton

Look around our website and you’ll see how beautiful the photography is. All of our photos have been taken by talented individuals who can’t wait to help you plan your dream day. Our photographers are all passionate about capturing love and have a world of knowledge on guiding you through the process.

Sunset Elopement | By Lee Squirrell Photography

Elopements are often their favourite thing to photograph because of how intimate and personal they are and your day can unfold naturally as they capture moments without you even knowing it. Our photographers are also experts at capturing who you are and know how to capture your emotion without it feeling intrusive.

Lake Elopement | By BDFK Photography

An Elopement can be about your journey as a couple so you might choose to go on adventure together. If you wish to say your vows in a scenic location then you can spend some time exploring too. You’ll also get great photos as you travel around.

10. Coronavirus

10 Reasons To Elope | Photography By Sebastian David Bonacchi

Well we almost got to the end of this post without mentioning the big elephant in the room…Coronavirus. When Covid 19 emerged, the eloping trend skyrocketed as more and more people seen the benefits of having a small intimate wedding.

Many couples unfortunately had their weddings postponed after planning it for years. It made a lot of people realise what’s important in life which prompted the hashtag #loveisnotcancelled.

So during the hard times that coronavirus brought, it was lovely to see couples sticking to their original wedding date and eloping instead.

If you are reading this post then maybe all the chaos 2020 brought has made you realise you don’t want to over complicate things. No-one knows what’ll happen in the future but we certainly have a better idea now of what really matters.

10 Reasons To Elope

Is Eloping for you ?

The most important thing is to do what’s right for you…Discuss it with your partner and be honest about what you want. A lot of couples don’t even realise they have a choice on the kind of wedding they can have so it’s great you are considering your options.

Make sure to think about the reasons why and if you are trying to please someone else rather than yourself – Remember that it’s your day!

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Nemanja Dimitric

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Celestine Aerden

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