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Best Places To Elope in Utah

Best Places To Elope in Utah – Utah is a very popular place to elope. And it definitely has something to do with that rich red rock! Locations in Utah can look very remote in photos but the parks we are looking at are all within driving distance of a big city.

The great thing about the parks in Utah is that you can drive through them. You can reach many amazing lookout points without having to hike. So this a real plus considering the cold temperatures you can experience in the Winter months or the stifling hot temperatures in the Summer.

Let’s see what this beautiful state has to offer shall we…

Zion National Park

Elopement in Zion National Park | Photo By Kyle Loves Tori

Zion National Park is a powerhouse of adventure! It’s also Utah’s oldest and most visited national park. One of the biggest attractions of Zion is its canyon in the south end, averaging around 2000 metres deep. The towering canyon walls have been carved by the Virgin River and offer breathtaking views.

The Zion Canyon Lookout Trail is a simple and quick hike you can do to enjoy those unbelievable views over the canyon. The downside to this lookout’s ease of access is how popular it is so best to head there before sunrise. Unless you want a crowd forming during your ceremony !

Elopement Vendors Near Utah

Kristen Marie

Best Places To Elope in Utah

Zion National Park Elopement | Photo By Kyle Loves Tori

If you are looking for that wow factor but want to escape the crowds then no need to worry. The park is huge so there are plenty of little hidden gems that pack a punch too. There are plenty of hikes on ground level that provide the coolest backdrops which is great if you love red rock but are not to keen on heights!

Arches National Park, Moab

Arches National Park, Moab Elopement | Photo By Custom By Nicole

Moab lies in the far east of Utah and is a great city to stay in while you explore nearby parks. Arches National Park is the closest park to Moab and when we say close we mean real close! Like 10 minutes drive from the centre of Moab!!

This is why Moab is such a popular location for an elopement wedding – because you have 3 amazing red rock parks on your door step. As you can see from the photo, and what you’ve probably guessed by the name anyway, is that it’s a land full of rock arches!

Arches National Park, Moab Elopement | Best Places To Elope in Utah

There are over 2000 natural sandstone formations in the shape of an arch here. And what you’ll also notice from the photo is that they are not small either – can you see the tiny bride and groom in the photo? The arches rise up to 112ft!

Another great reason to elope in Moab is that you can drive through all 3 of the nearby parks. Canyonlands is the largest of the 3 and although it’s still a quarter of the size of the more well-known Grand Canyon in Arizona, the attractive thing about the Canyonlands is that it offers similar views with less tourists.

Dead Horse Point State Park, Moab

Dead Horse Point Elopement | Photography By More Van Anything

The smallest of the 3 parks is Dead Horse Point but not that you’ll notice as there’s still over 5000 acres of land to explore. Don’t be put off by the name either, as it is a beautiful park offering spectacular views as you’ll see from the photo above and below.

Best Places To Elope In Utah

Dead Horse Point Elopement | Photography By More Van Anything

Each of these parks will offer an elopement experience you’ll never forget and if you are looking to visit more than one park in one day (to get a variety of backdrops) then Moab is a great option. Just imagine how amazing it would be to say your vows at the edge of a canyon and hear it echoing far into the distance. How cool is that ?!

Bonneville Salt Flats

Bonneville Salt Flats Elopement | Photo By Kyle Loves Tori

Something a little bit different now with no red rock in sight! It’s the Bonneville Salt Flats and unlike our other top picks, this one requires a little bit of imagination! Natural salt flats are areas where a body of water (like a lake) has evaporated, leaving just the salt minerals behind.

The Bonneville Salt Flats is dry through Summer and Autumn but is covered with water in the Winter and Spring. When dry, the ground is white in color with a texture like a little dusting of snow has fallen. The flat ground is covered in what looks like large cracks – which FYI looks incredible in photos!

Think of the Bonneville Salt Flats as a blank canvas and then imagine adding a beautiful floral wedding arch to the mix…starting to see our vision ? Basically, this place is great for adding your own style and decor as the landscape will, without doubt, compliment whatever vision you have. There’s a reason why so many photographers choose to do their photoshoots here!

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Elopement Wedding at Cedar Breaks | Photo By Kyle Loves Tori

Cedar Breaks lies next to Zion National Park in south west Utah. It offers something different to the other parks which you can probably see from the image. Cedar Breaks is what you would call a natural amphitheater. Think the Colosseum in Rome. With the difference being Cedar Breaks is not man-made! The area looks out onto a half-mile deep crater which is layered with rising tiers of red rock. It’s a stunning sight!

The rocks look like they have been individually placed to create rows or levels. It’s hard to believe the landscape was formed in this way naturally. It makes the view even more remarkable.

If you want to see more of this kind of thing but aren’t afraid to head somewhere a little more remote then you should visit Bryce Canyon National Park. It is much larger than Cedar Breaks and also features a large naturally formed amphitheater. The place is covered in spire shaped rocks that shoot up out of the ground. We think it really is a must see spectacle at least once in your life.

Best Places To Elope in Utah

Ready To Start Planning Your Elopement in Utah ?

Utah provides the ultimate experience of red rock adventure! Eloping in Utah can be anything from a chilled, relaxed day to full on edge-of-a-cliff excitement. We can connect you with photographers and planners to guide you. Contact us about your Utah elopement wedding via the button below –

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