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10 Best Places To Elope in Las Vegas

10 Best Places To Elope in Vegas – Eloping and Vegas go hand in hand but let’s be honest, the term ‘Elope in Vegas’ started to trend as a bit of a joke in recent times… Especially when famous celebrities treated getting married as a joke (resulting in annulments shortly after).

But hey!.. Vegas can’t be blamed for that and if you’re reading this post then you’ll know there is so much to more to discover in Vegas than a quick means of saying I Do. In this post, we’ll be looking at meaningful and memorable places to elope in and around Las Vegas.

You’ll be amazed at how diverse the options are. From vintage museums to incredible red rock vistas, your elopement in Vegas will be nothing short of unique! Let’s show you the possibilities…

Neon Museum

10 Best Places To Elope in Vegas | Neon Museum

Aka the Neon Boneyard! But there is nothing scary about this historic collection of art. Here, you’ll find old signs from famous Vegas casinos and hotels like the iconic Stardust.

Founded in 1996, the museum gives future generations an insight into the extraordinary history of the city. With over 120 Las Vegas signs on display, the neon museum offers an incredible retro backdrop for your elopement.

Neon Museum Elopement | Photo By Jamie Y

It’s especially great at night time when the nostalgic neon signs are lit up in all their glory. If you are a lover of vintage then this is THE place to visit. Some signs date back as far as the 1930s.

Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire Engagement Session Elopement | Photo By Swell and Stone

If you are in Las Vegas, the one thing you must do is drive through the Valley of Fire. Although it is located around 50 miles from the Las Vegas strip, the scenery you see is absolutely worth the ride out. Red sandstone rises in various rock formations all around you creating a unique landscape.

A permit is required to marry so get in touch with us if you are interested in eloping here. We’ll be more than happy to put you in touch with a wedding planner who can legally arrange your elopement.

You can only marry in 3 locations at the park including the Seven Sisters, Rainbow Vista and the Cabins. Unfortunately you can’t just rock up and get married anywhere around the park but the beauty of the place is certainly worth going the extra mile to plan if your heart is set on it.

Elopement Vendors Near Las Vegas

Kristen Marie

A Little White Chapel

10 Best Places To Elope in Vegas | A Little White Chapel

We can’t talk about the best places to elope in Las Vegas without mentioning the world famous ‘A Little White Chapel’. Many celebrities have got hitched here over the years including Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and Britney Spears.

It might be a quick way to get married and for some maybe too quick but the history and the nostalgia of the place as well as its wonderful charm is so inviting!

If you are serious about getting married but want an amazing whirlwind of a day, laughing the entire time, then this place can offer you that and more!

Eldorado Canyon

Eldorado Canyon Elopement | Photo By Jamie Y

If you’re looking for an unusual place to say your vows then Nelson Ghost Town might be the perfect fit. For those of you who’ve never been to a ghost town before, the best way to describe it is an abandoned town.

The town is full of old buildings, old cars, old garages and lots of old signs. Some dating back to the 18th century when it was a thriving mining town. Nowadays it is a popular tourist attraction and the location for many photoshoots and films.

The whole town looks like a set from an old western or cowboy movie. So expect to feel like you’ve entered a time machine and went back in time. There are so many things to see and so many interesting backdrops for your photography.

Red Rock Canyon

Elopement in Red Rock Canyon| Photo By Cactus Collective

Red rock canyon is a large conservation area 30 minutes drive from the Las Vegas strip. The land is vast and open giving you that space and freedom you won’t find in the city. As the name suggests, formations of red rock cover the area providing a great place for hiking and sightseeing.

There is also a 13 mile scenic drive you can embark on to enjoy the sights at a faster pace. This is especially handy if you are short of time . Due to the amount of visitors to red rock canyon each year, a permit is required to marry here.

Permits have been introduced in the majority of parks across America in order to preserve the area. Ensuring future generations can enjoy it too. You’ll have the choice to marry in a handful of scenic locations including the Overlook and Red Spring Platform.

Cactus Joe’s Nursery

Cactus Joe’s Nursery Elopement | Photo By Cactus Collective

This venue is certainly one of a kind and a real quirky place that you might just fall in love with! Cactus Joe’s Nursery is a garden full of many different types of cactus. It also happens to have a little wedding chapel on site so you can actually get married here. There’s space to invite some guests along too.

Why, you say ? Well, if you are a big fan of cactus then this might be right up your street. Imagine taking a tour around the place and seeing lots of different baby cacti growing all over the place. How cute! You might even wish to have a cactus inspired bouquet for walking down the aisle.

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

10 Best Places To Elope in Vegas | Spring Mountain Ranch

Once a luxury retreat owned by the rich and famous, now open to the public offering outstanding panoramic views and scenic hiking trails. Spring Mountain Ranch is one of the rare places in Nevada where you’ll find luscious trees and green grass. There’s also a historic and charming little ranch house on site.

Adjacent to the Red Rock Canyon and beneath the Spring Mountains, this area is surrounded by beauty. It’s a great choice for an elopement ceremony. The nearby car park makes it easily accessible for any invited guests.

Fountains of Bellagio

10 Best Places To Elope in Vegas | Fountains of Bellagio

If you’ve heard of Las Vegas then you most definitely will have heard of or seen the Fountains of Bellagio. The dancing water performs up to every 15 minutes in the day. So there’s no excuse for not enjoying this wonderful spectacle during your visit.

You can simply find a good spot by the side of the road and watch over a thousand fountains dance along to music. It is free too! The famous fountain normally draws a crowd but there will certainly be times where it won’t be as busy.

So if you’re lucky you might be able to get some stunning photos while you dance in front of the fountain as a newlywed couple. Even if there is a crowd, everyone loves a wedding so many people will gladly step back and enjoy watching a bride in her wedding dress having her moment.

Dry Lake Beds

Dry Lake Beds Elopement | Photo By Jamie Y

A dry lake bed can offer the complete opposite to the hustle and bustle of Vegas. You know in the Hangover film when the boys meet up with Mr Chow in the desert ? They are at Jean Dry Lake Beds in Nevada.

A vast flat stretch of land that’s so dry the mud is cracked forming large hexagonal-type shapes in the ground. It looks amazing in photos! In fact you might have seen styled shoots on Instagram at this type of location. The landscape is a very popular choice for photographers and eloping couples alike.

Style your ceremony with an A frame/triangle arch decorated with flowers. Together, against the dry cracked mud, your elopement will look insane!

Floyd Lamb State Park

Floyd Lamb State Park Elopement | Photo By Cactus Collective

Less than a half hour drive from the Las Vegas strip lies a beautiful park where ducks, geese and peacocks roam free. If you wish to elope in a peaceful place with lush greenery and lakeside views then this a great option.

A permit is required to marry here so a little organising is required but the park even has a charming little gazebo you can use for your ceremony location and/or as a backdrop for your photos.

Top 10 Best Places To Elope in Las Vegas

Ready To Start Planning Your Elopement in Vegas ?

Vegas offers so much more than a quick and cheerful experience! Eloping in Vegas can be meaningful and authentic and we can connect you with photographers and planners to guide you. Contact us about your Vegas elopement via the button below –

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