Top 10 Places to Elope in Europe

Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe – Europe is a fantastic place to elope and there is something for everyone. If you are looking for rugged, dramatic landscape then you’ll find lots of it here.

You’ll also find beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear blue sea and stunning views that will make your heart skip a beat.

No matter if you’ve visited Europe before or plan to visit for the first time, our guide will help you visualise the possibilities. So let’s have a look at some real hidden treasures that will guarantee a journey of a lifetime.

Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe

  1. Isle of Skye
  2. Tuscany
  3. Kvernufoss Falls
  4. Lauterbrunnen
  5. Croatia
  6. Causeway Clifftop Path
  7. Neuschwanstein Castle
  8. Algarve
  9. Santorini
  10. Lake Bled
  11. Elopement Vendors in Europe

1. Isle of Skye, Scotland

Isle of Skye Elopement | By Unfurl Photography

Scotland is a great place for an adventurous elopement. The rugged landscape is perfect for couples who wish to head off the beaten track. Furthermore, the Lochs and Munros (lakes and mountains) offer breathtaking views and what’s great is that you don’t have to travel far to feel deeply immersed in it.

Top of our list is the Isle of Skye, a magical place where you can experience many extremes. The steep rock faces and panoramic views make it hard to beat and are also a photographer’s dream. Imagine a day filled with excitement in what feels like a journey to the edge of the world.

2. Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany Elopement | Credit: Tuscan Wedding Officiant

Italy is a beautiful country with so many places to love. Venice, Florence and Rome, for example, all offer a great deal of romance and charm. One place that really stands out though is the region of Tuscany, famous for its wine and quaint farmhouses.

You could stay in a remote farmhouse and enjoy views of the surrounding countryside. Or if you like experiencing culture in the city then you could head to the stunning city of Florence. Why not consider eloping on their iconic rooftop terraces while you are there!

3. Kvernufoss Falls, Iceland

Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe iceland waterfall ice fire elopement destination wedding intimate small love
Iceland Elopement | Photography By Michalina Okreglicka

Iceland is a real showstopper. It’s such an epic place for an elopement because there is no country on earth like it. Also known as the ‘Land of Fire and Ice’, Iceland offers a different experience and does not disappoint!

Due to the active volcanoes on the island, the heat coming up from deep underground creates hot natural springs that you can hop into like a hot bath.

There’s loads of them all over the island and taking a dip in them is also supposed to be good for your health! How amazing is that ?!! What’s even more amazing is that’s just the beginning!

Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe

There is so much to discover which brings us to our next favourite spot in Europe – Kvernufoss Falls. Iceland has 1000s of waterfalls but this one really stands out.

Kvernufoss Falls is a little haven tucked away from view on the south of the island. You’ll be amazed at the mystical atmosphere of this hidden gem thus it’s a perfect place to say your vows.

4. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe switzerland waterfall mountain alps elopement destination wedding intimate small love
Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe | Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Switzerland is home to many of the tallest peaks in Western Europe. So if you are looking to feel on top of the world then this may be the destination for you. You don’t have to hike up one either because the cable cars can transport you to the very top in a short amount of time. You’ll certainly be spoilt for choice if you’re looking to elope high on a mountain top.

However, don’t be put off eloping here if high altitude isn’t your thing. The landscape is varied and you might be surprised to find out our top pick for eloping in Switzerland is not in the Swiss Alps.

Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe

Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe switzerland waterfall mountain alps elopement destination wedding intimate small love
Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe | Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

We recommend the Valley of 72 waterfalls in Lauterbrunnen for a picturesque setting. We won’t blame you for thinking the images above have been enhanced in some way! Lush green land, mountain peaks and thundering waterfalls doesn’t even quite describe how magical this place is.

5. Croatia

Croatia Elopement | Photography By Love and Ventures
Dubrovnik Intimate Destination Wedding | Photo By Love and Ventures

Croatia has over 5000km of coastline so it’s ideal if you are looking to have a beach wedding. The country and islands are surrounded by the crystal clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea thus attracting tourists from all over the world.

When we say crystal clear, we mean that the sea is so clear you can see right to the bottom of the sea bed – bliss!

If you choose to elope in Croatia then we advise you to stay for as long as you can since there is so much to see. Try to explore the coastline and islands as well as the cities too.

Visit the cities of Dubrovnik, Zagreb or Split, for instance, to get a feel of the rich culture and history of the country.

Elope in the City

Dubrovnik was the main filming location for a fictional city in Game of Thrones called King’s Landing. This historic city is a World Heritage site because it is surrounded by huge 16th century stone walls. In short, it’s a remarkable place for an elopement in the city.

On the other hand, if you like the idea of eloping in a beach cove by the sea then have a look at the islands of Hvar or Vis. There are lots of beautiful beaches to choose from and if you’re lucky you may have one all to yourself.

So we have spoken about Croatia and its amazing coastline but there is so much beauty to explore travelling inland too.

Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe

Plitvice Lakes National Park is a forest reserve in central Croatia and happens to be the most popular tourist attraction in the country. It is home to over 90 waterfalls and is certainly a magical place for an elopement ceremony.

There are also trails and wooden bridges taking you over the water to get a great view of the waterfalls. Planning is key as the park gets very busy so be prepared to not have the place to yourself.

6. Causeway Clifftop Path, Ireland

DunluceCastleElopement-nigel-ivy-elopement-videographer-ireland-elope-wedding-couple-coast-antrim-cliff-Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe
Ireland Clifftop Elopement | By Nigel Ivy Film

Ireland is a top choice for many couples who seek adventure. Anywhere along the Causeway Clifftop Path will give you an epic backdrop. Steep cliffs and crashing waves will provide views for you to stare in amazement at.

There is also a lot of history along this pathway too with opportunities to say your vows next to historic castle ruins at the edge of a cliff.

7. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

luis-fernando-felipe-alves-germany-elopement-destination-wedding-intimate-ceremony-Neuschwanstein-Castle-berlin-munich-hamburg-Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe
Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe | Neuschwanstein Castle

We couldn’t list the top places to elope in Europe without mentioning the castle that inspired Walt Disney. Neuschwanstein castle is a real life palace that looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale.

Walt Disney visited this castle in 1955 with his wife and is rumoured to be the inspiration for his Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.

It has to be seen to be believed and although you cannot get married inside this castle, many chose to elope outside it. With a bit of imagination you can find many spots to have the castle in the background of your wedding photos. In other words, it’s a Disney lovers dream!

8. Algarve, Portugal

Algarve Sunset Elopement | A Love Above Photography

The Algarve is Portugal’s most southerly region and is famous for its quaint fishing villages and stunning beaches. There are parts of the coast that are catered to tourists but other, not so populated parts, offer more authentic experiences.

The dramatic coastline is perfect for adventure couples who prefer warmer climates. Walk along the cliff edge or head down the steps to the beach to see the pillars of limestone in all their glory.

Saying your vows surrounded by golden cliff faces, sandy coves and crashing waves will only add to the emotion of your day.

9. Santorini, Greece

Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe santorini elopement destination wedding island greek greece sea small intimate
Santorini Elopement | Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe

Looking at pictures of Santorini you may think it’s a made up place. This small Greek island lies 200 km southeast of Greece’s mainland.

It was shaped by a devastating volcano eruption thousands of years ago. As a result, its unique landscape is like nowhere on Earth which is why it draws nearly 2 million visitors a year.

Rows upon rows of white houses cling to the cliff side of an underwater crater overlooking the sea. Yes you read it right!…The island sits on top of an underwater crater! If you look at the aerial view of Santorini you’ll see what we mean.

It’s a truly remarkable place and eloping here will be nothing short of unforgettable!

10. Lake Bled, Slovenia

top 10 places to elope in europe lake bled slovenia elopement destination wedding small island
Top 10 Places To Elope in Europe | Lake Bled Elopement

Lake Bled is another place in Europe that is so beautiful it doesn’t even look real. It lies in the Julian Alps of Slovenia and has a small island in the middle.

On the island is a church where your elopement ceremony can take place and while you are there you can enjoy the amazing views.

Traditionally it is considered good luck for the groom to carry his bride up the steps on their wedding day. Before ringing the bell and making a wish inside.

If you prefer not to get married in the church then there are plenty of spots around the lake that will serve as the perfect setting for your special day. There is also a path all around the lake so you can take a walk and enjoy the view from every angle.

The best season to come here is Autumn where you can witness the variety of forest colours surrounding the lake. Lake Bled is a truly magical place you’ll want to see at least once in your life.

11. Elopement Vendors in Europe

A Love Above Photography


Best Places To Elope In Europe

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