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Best Places To Elope in Colorado

Best Places To Elope in Colorado – Colorado has a world of opportunities when it comes to elopements. With the world class ski resorts and famous mountain ranges, Colorado really is the adventure capital of America.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your upcoming adventure elopement then you’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling to see our guide on the best spots to elope in Colorado.

Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods Elopement | Credit: Melanie Magdalena

Garden of the Gods is a beautiful park full of red rock formations rising up from the ground. The park covers 1300 acres and is free to visit even if you elope there.

It is a public park located in Colorado Springs so it is easily accessible and you can even drive through it. An ideal place to have your ceremony if you are inviting a few guests along due to its accessibility.

Best Places To Elope in Colorado

Maroon Bells


Maroon Bells Adventure Elopement | By Callie Reisling Photography

The Maroon Bells are 2 mountain peaks about 12 miles southwest of Aspen in Colorado. They are celebrated as the most photographed peaks in North America and if you’ve been lucky enough to see them in person you’ll know why.

There are many spots nearby for hosting your elopement ceremony but with the area being so popular there is restricted access. So make sure to plan your journey and make reservations for parking in advance.

One of the most beautiful spots to visit here is the Maroon Lake. The mountain peaks rise up in the background and their reflection appears on the lake like a glass painting. How magical!

Best Places To Elope in Colorado

Elopement Vendors in Colorado

Courtney Chau Photography

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Southern Colorado

By Christina + Jeremiah | Great Sand Dunes National Park Elopement

Colorado is known for its world-class ski resorts but we bet you didn’t know it’s also home to North America’s biggest sand dunes! There’s actually a whole national park full of sand dunes with some towering over 700 feet.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve lies in southern Colorado and is a diverse area of lakes, forests and sand dunes. Take a dip in the Medano Creek or have a go at Sandboarding and Sand Sledding on the giant sand dunes. It’s a beautiful park and a lovely elopement setting for sand lovers!

Best Places To Elope in Colorado

Rocky Mountains


Acts of Adventure Photography | Rocky Mountains Elopement

The Rocky Mountains are a famous mountain range stretching 3000 miles across North America. Colorado is home to the Rocky Mountains National Park which is known for having some of the best hiking trails and scenic viewpoints.

However, there are a lot of restrictions and limitations when it comes to eloping in the Rocky Mountain National Park. So luckily there are plenty of spots in the Rockies located outside of the national park.

We recommend Lake Isabelle in the Indian Peaks Wilderness region. It is a beautiful alpine lake surrounded by snowy mountain peaks. You have to hike to get there but the view is definitely worth it. Perfect for adventure couples!

Best Places To Elope in Colorado

Hanging Lake

Glenwood Canyon

Hanging Lake – Best Places To Elope In Colorado | By Vows and Peaks Photography

Hanging Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Colorado. Located in Glenwood Canyon, this hidden treasure provides a paradise setting for your elopement ceremony.

The crystal clear waters glisten as ribbons of waterfalls pour in from above. This unique spot has become a big tourist attraction and because of this you’ll require a permit to visit.

The hike up to the lake is steep and rocky and although it is only a distance of a mile, the elevation gain is 1000ft. So be prepared for a short but tough hike going up there. In order to get any chance of having the place to yourself you should consider having a sunrise ceremony.

Best Places To Elope in Colorado

San Juan Mountains

South West Colorado

San Juan Mountains Elopement | Credit: Donald Giannatti

Many of our top picks of the best places to elope in Colorado are easily accessible by car. The San Juan Mountains are no different. You can enjoy amazing scenery as you drive along its 233 mile highway. The San Juan Skyway is a road that takes you through the mountain range allowing you to experience its beautiful scenery.

There are many pull off points where you can stop and get some terrific views. One of the more popular times to take a trip here is in the fall where all the trees are turning different shades of gold and red. You’ll fall in love with Autumn all over again when you visit at this time of year.

Getting Physical…

On the other hand, if you prefer a more physical experience then the mountain range is your oyster! Hike through the mountains and get immersed in nature as you go deeper into the valleys.

We recommend eloping around the Blue Lakes in Mount Sneffels Wilderness where you can hike to a lake that’s bluer than the sky. You have to see it to believe it really. Any photo you see will make you think it has been enhanced in some way but trust us, it really is that blue!

There are three lakes on the Blue Lake Trail and the first one you come to is the Lower Blue Lake which is about a 6.5 mile round trip. This hike is not for the faint of heart but once you see the lake it’s worth it!

Best Places To Elope in Colorado

Bridal Veil Falls


Bridal Veil Falls Elopement | Credit: Chad Madden – Best Places To Elope In Colorado

Bridal veil falls in Telluride is the tallest free-falling waterfall in Colorado. At 365 feet in height, the waterfall is a spectacular sight and a great spot for your ceremony. As you stand close to the waterfall you’ll notice the mist surrounding you.

Imagine that refreshing feeling of the water touching your skin like a gentle kiss. As the cold mist from the waterfall reinvigorates you. A unique experience for such a special day.

If you don’t fancy hiking in your wedding dress, you’ll be glad to know you can actually drive (on a dirt track road) to the base of the waterfall. You can also drive to the top of the waterfall and enjoy the view.

Please note that you cannot see the waterfall at the top – unless you hang over the edge (which we do not recommend!)

Best Places To Elope in Colorado

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

West Colorado

Black Canyon of the Gunnison Elopement | Credit: Jules Thomas

Black Canyon offers an iconic adventure elopement experience. The scenery is breathtaking especially from the viewpoint at the Painted Wall. The Painted Wall is famous for being the highest cliff in Colorado as it rises 2247 feet from the river floor.

A special use permit is required to elope here which you can obtain by calling up the ranger station in advance. We recommend travelling along the park’s south rim as there are many stop off points along the way offering amazing views.

Unbelievably, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is one of the lesser known parks which works to your advantage when touring the area. A great place to enjoy by car or foot.

Best Places To Elope in Colorado

Mesa Verde National Park

South West Colorado

Mesa Verde National Park Elopement | Credit: Alec Krum

If you’d like to get married somewhere steeped in history then you should consider Mesa Verde National Park. This park is a well preserved area where the Ancestral Pueblo people once lived.

Pueblo people were Native Americans who made south west Colorado (and nearby regions) their home for over 700 years. Caves hidden on cliff edges take you back in time and allow you to see the villages people lived in. All thanks to the great preservation work of the National Park Foundation.

A special permit is required to get married here but can easily be applied for on the park’s website. Choose your ceremony location from various viewpoints and natural settings around the park for an unforgettable experience.

Best Places To Elope in Colorado

Pike’s Peak

Colorado Springs

Pike’s Peak – Best Places To Elope in Colorado Credit: Andrew Seaman

If you fancy reaching new heights on your elopement day then why not take a journey up a fourteener? Pike’s Peak is a mountain west of Colorado Springs offering epic views from its 14,115 foot summit.

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to hike up it either, thousands of vehicles drive up its 19 mile paved highway every year. So you can say your vows on a mountain top without even breaking a sweat.

Make sure to grab a donut from the summit house if you can – they’re the only donuts in the world to be produced at an altitude above 14,000 feet.

Best Places To Elope in Colorado

Ready To Start Planning?

So there are plenty of places to consider when planning your elopement in Colorado. You may have started reading this post thinking Colorado is just a place for skiing or mountain adventures but the landscape is a lot more varied than that.

If you are looking for any advice on eloping to Colorado then get in touch via the contact button below –

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